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Business English: Finding your professional voice in a second language is tricky.

With our training and consulting services, we can help you find your voice and improve the quality of your English communication. We'll think along with you and help you develop the skills you need to tell your story in clear, compelling, native-sounding English that enhances your company’s professional image.



Do you know what it's like speaking a second language but still having trouble finding the right words? So do we -- we get it. 

Our Business English courses give participants tools to develop their fluency and self-confidence -- so they "feel more like themselves" when using English at work.


Courses are designed to be a perfect blend of challenging, useful and fun!  

We start by reviewing everyone's 

language level, needs and goals. Then we create a program that covers those topics AND leaves room for new ones that come up, because, after all, courses are a living thing! 

What about scheduling? People are busy, so we're happy to come to your office (in or near Noord Holland) at a time that's convenient for you. And thanks to Teams, courses are also available online and can include colleagues anywhere in the world.

A few more useful bits: Groups generally consist of two to eight people and meet every week or every other week, but other options are also possible. Courses usually last at least six weeks for larger groups and up to fourteen weeks for smaller groups.  

Have more participants or need something fun and interactive for an event? Ask us about our workshops and Lunch&Learn sessions!

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Perhaps you'd prefer more individualized training to help you boost your Business English proficiency.


If so, you'll like our flexible "Training Strippenkaart" voucher.  It's based entirely on your particular needs, goals and schedule.


One week we may want to focus on a big presentation you have coming up. You'll have a chance to practice and improve your language and delivery.


The next time we may focus on building industry vocabulary or improving key grammar skills.  For more ideas, check out the list of topics in the Training and/or Consulting box. 

Strippenkaart training vouchers usually contain 21 or 30 hours and can be renewed anytime for uninterrupted service.


Sessions may be at your location and/or online and may be planned in advance or weekly, as your schedule allows.



If you'd like some one-one-one training but also help with your company's business communication, then you'll love our "Training/Consulting Strippenkaart" voucher.

Hours are totally flexible -- you may wish to use 30 minutes one week and 90 minutes another week. Whatever works for you!

These hours can be shared within your team, so anyone on your team can get support whenever they'd like.

To give you an idea of what can be done with a voucher, clients often request help with:

--Targeted training to improve speaking, writing, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, self-confidence

--Pitches, proposals, reports, website text, ad copy, LinkedIn profiles, CVs, emails

--Presentation/speech writing

--Feedback on presentations and websites


--Translation and editing to reduce "Dunglish" and be more native-sounding;


--Writing English text “from scratch”.

--WhatsApp support

Strippenkaart training vouchers usually contain 21 or 30 hours and can be renewed anytime for uninterrupted service.


Meetings may be at your location and/or online; other project communication is done via email, Teams or Google Drive.

Let's talk!


After working for years in sales and marketing in the US and the Netherlands, I started Common Link English Language Training in 2003. It became the perfect way for me to combine my business experience with my passion for language: helping non-native speakers improve their skills and feel great about using English at work!

I've trained hundreds of Dutch business executives and have taught thousands of international business undergraduate students. But every day, I still find new and exciting ways to help my clients find their voice.


I'm grateful for the chance to do work I love!

Kathy Czako, Zaanstad

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what clients say


Following a few series of training courses with Kathy has taken my (business) English to the next level. I've always thought my English was good enough, but Kathy's training helped me realize and fill in some key gaps.

-- R.S., IT Management

Being a native English speaker and having lived in the Netherlands for a long time, Kathy is very knowledgeable about the typical pitfalls of her Dutch clients. She is completely dedicated, and, in a very kind and positive way, persistent in helping improve her students’ English to a high level of proficiency. 


-- N.K., Learning and Development Management

The English@Work classes boost your confidence speaking English in a working environment. Cathy is a skilled English teacher always looking for better ways to improve your English. 

-- J.M., Docent, Conflict and Crisis Management

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